Our History

Started in 2015, KAIXIN Crabs has been well-received and continuously growing with the love and support of Singaporeans. ‘Kaixin’ or ‘开心’ means happy from its Chinese origin, and like the name suggests, we want to bring smiles and happiness to anyone who gets a taste of our signature dishes. Holding high regards to only providing the freshest and best quality ingredients, KAIXIN Crabs captured the hearts of many locals with our dishes cooked to perfection. Our best selling Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab is loved for its unbelievably large size and immense flavour.  

Award Winning Chefs


Fresh Sri Lankan Crabs

At KAIXIN Crabs, we use only the biggest and freshest crabs to guarantee 100% satisfaction. Our crabs are all air-flown from Sri Lanka.

Sir Lankan crabs are larger and tastier with humongous claws that are addictive to eat and unbelievably satisfying. We only use wild catch Sri Lankan crabs because of its premium quality and taste!