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Red House Seafood Restaurant Review

Red House Seafood Restaurant

The well-respected seafood restaurant, Red House Seafood Restaurant, was established in 1976. Red House Seafood is one of Singapore’s most established and oldest seafood restaurants and is still often brought up when conversation circles around Singapore cuisine. Generations after generations, Red House Seafood restaurant has grown and adapted to the times. Most of the Chinese […]

Sin Chao Garden Restaurant Review

Sin Chao Garden Restaurant

Unit 297 on River Valley Road is now occupied by Sin Chao Gardens, a totally distinct Chinese restaurant, completely different from its previous “hipster” tenants of  Five and Dime and Fat Lulu. Teochew Porridge is what the restaurant, Sin Chao Gardens, offers. Among the foodies of Teochew Porridge fans, Sin Chao Garden is very well […]

Penang Seafood Restaurant Review

Penang Seafood Restaurant

Established in 2008 as a small coffee shop serving a menu of both Singapore and Penang signature dishes, Penang Seafood Restaurant a zi char restaurant that decided to expand into a full fledged Chinese Zi Char restaurant in 2011. Today, due to its large variety of reliably tasty and inexpensive food, Penang Seafood Restaurant still […]