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Our History

What started off as a hobby soon became a lifelong dream of breeding our very own crabs in Sri Lanka. Over the years we understood the very element of what makes a crab taste good besides the way of cooking – which is the way it has been bred / fed. As professional crab farmers ourselves, we started KAI XIN Crabs to bring authentic mouthwatering fresh Sri Lankan Crabs to our fellow Singaporeans. From farm to your stomachs, we handle them all.

KAI XIN Crabs has been well-received and continuously growing with the love and support of Singaporeans. ‘Kai Xin’ or ‘开心’ means happy from its Chinese origin, and like the name suggests, we want to bring smiles and happiness to anyone who gets a taste of our signature dishes. Holding high regards to only providing the freshest and best quality ingredients, KAI XIN Crabs captured the hearts of many locals with our dishes cooked to perfection. Our best selling Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab is loved for its unbelievably large size and immense flavour.

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#1 crab delivery

Loved by over 50,000 Singaporeans, KAI XIN Crabs is catered to satisfy your crab cravings with our Award-Winning Crab dishes that are doused with immense flavours. 

With an array of dishes available, our hot seller is undoubtedly our Chilli Crab. Drenched in a decadent chilli sauce, our huge juicy crabs absorb all sauces perfectly and is best paired with our deep fried crispy mini Man Tou. 

KAI XIN Crabs promises 1-hour delivery, ensuring the food will arrive you piping hot and ready to be eaten and enjoyed!

How do we ensure the freshest crabs

As professional crab breeders ourselves, we ensure every single element which will affect the crabs’ taste is optimum for producing the biggest meatiest crabs. From the ph level and temperature of the water they live in all the way to the food they feed on and even down to the movement of their claws, we know and monitor them all.

Our crabs are all air-flown from our farm in Sri Lanka. Before dispatching, our crabs go through a thorough inspection process by our team of graders for size and quality. They must also all be kept alive, before dispatching and after receiving them in our kitchens in Singapore. 

Sri Lankan crabs are larger and tastier with a humongous claw, addictive to eat and unbelievably satisfying, perfect to cook together with our local flavours.

Our promise is that we only serve the freshest seafood that is cooked to perfection. We only serve quality and fresh food so that our customers receive nothing but the best.

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Kai Xin Crabs Signature Chilli Crab
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Frequently Asked Questions

We use Sri Lankan Crabs which are bred and reared in our very own farms. These crabs are then inspected by our own food graders and air-flown daily to our kitchens. Compared to many other crabs, Sri Lankan crabs are bigger and meatier, a premium quality crab that complements all our crab flavours perfectly. 

Yes, we certainly do deliver.
Standard delivery is $10 and express 1 hour delivery is $20. Purchase above $150 to get FREE DELIVERY! Check our our delivery information to find out more.

Our best selling dishes are definitely our Chilli Crab and Black Pepper Crab. They are cooked using our own farm-bred Sri Lankan crabs which are big and juicy, drenched in our house’s special sauces, cooked to perfection!

Please contact us on Whatsapp, providing your order number and name for any changes in order.

Whatsapp: +65 8818 4585

Our website is available to order 24/7. However, our customer service will be only be available from 10am – 10pm daily.

We currently do not have a dine-in option but are in the process of opening one. For now, all orders will only be taken online and solely delivery.

Upon receiving your order, contact us via Whatsapp at +65 8818 4585 immediately within an hour and we will rectify it with a replacement right away.